Celebrant's Hosts - Whole Wheat, Box of 50 Wafers
Wheat 2 3/4 inch diameter Communion wafers

Celebrant's Hosts - Whole Wheat, Box of 50 Wafers

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Whole Wheat Celebrant's Wafers Use Unbleached Flour and Taste Great

These whole wheat Communion wafers are made using a special process that rolls and seals the edges to prevent breakage and crumbling. Approved for use in the Catholic Eucharist, our Celebrant's Hosts are scored with a cross in the center so they will easily break into 4 pieces without crumbling. Whole wheat wafers are beautifully boxed in quantities of 50 wafers per box and are baked from a simple unleavened recipe of unbleached whole wheat flour and water. Large Communion wafers measure 2.75 inches in diameter.

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