Gluten Free Communion Kit - Prefilled Juice Cups PLUS Single Gluten Free Wafers - BOX OF 30
Gluten free Communion kit contains both elements: individually sealed prefilled juice cups plus stack of single gluten free wafers. 30 servings.

Gluten Free Communion Kit - Prefilled Juice Cups PLUS Single Gluten Free Wafers - BOX OF 30

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Kit Contains Both Elements to Serve Gluten Free Communion

Combination box contains everything you need to serve a safe gluten free Communion. Individually sealed prefilled Communion cups (juice only) are easy to transport and 100% sanitary. Stack of single gluten free wafers are wrapped for freshness in a plastic sleeve within a resealable storage container.

Portable travel Communion kit makes it easier than ever to minister to your sick or shut-in parishioners or serve a small Bible study group. You won't worry about having to handle tiny bottles or spilling juice while trying to set up.

Kit includes 30 "juice only" cups plus a package of single 9/10" diameter gluten free wafers. Now everyone can celebrate Communion!

*NOTE: Cups and wafers are separate elements. This is NOT the all-in-one packaging.

  • Serving suggestion: Place wafers in small zip lock bags to keep safe from cross contact.
  • Concord grape juice is naturally gluten free and allergen safe
  • No refrigeration required
  • Cup fits in standard Communion tray
  • Easy to open - No waste
  • Easy setup – easy clean up
  • 100% sanitary disposable cups are recyclable

NEW: Small zip closure bags keep gluten free Communion wafers safe from cross contact. See item CCC-ZIPBAG for miniature bags and optional "gluten free" labels.

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