Gluten Free

Our Gluten Free Communion Wafers Taste Great & Stay Fresh!

Gluten free Communion wafers are making it possible for more of God's faithful to safely and fully participate in Communion. Baked using a special recipe that avoids all common food allergens, these wafers are packaged in resealable, airtight canisters and shipped fresh to you from our climate-controlled environment in Olympia, WA.

Available in two sizes: 1-1/4" round (about 130 per container) and 9/10" round (about 350 per container). Check out the naturally gluten free sealed concord grape juice cups and conveniently packaged gluten free Communion kit, now featuring individually sealed wafers.

"Serving Gluten Free Communion Wafers Safely -- a Church Volunteer's Guide" Click to read blog article and download guide.