Communion Wafers - Cavanagh Breads, 1000 Wheat
1 1/8" Whole Wheat Communion Wafers in Air-Tight Recyclable Container

Communion Wafers - Cavanagh Breads, 1000 Wheat

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Whole Wheat Communion Wafers Shipped Fresh to You - Includes Reusable Air-Tight Container!

Purchase whole wheat Communion wafers made by the Cavanagh company and experience the best tasting, freshest Communion wafers you can buy. 60 years of experience go into the baking of Cavanagh unleavened bread and wafers. Combine this super high-quality product with our superior temperature-controlled storage facility and we guarantee you the freshest Communion supplies your church has ever purchased.

These wafers are crafted in a special baking process that prevents the product from touching human hands. The edges are then rolled and sealed to prevent crumbling and packaged in attractive, air-tight, crush-proof plastic containers that will ensure their freshness when they arrive. These wafers have a 6 month shelf-life when stored in a cool dry place in their original container.

  • 1000 wafers
  • 1 1/8" diameter
  • Stamped with cross
  • Whole wheat flour & water
  • Crush-proof container
  • Stored in an air-conditioned warehouse
  • 6 month shelf-life


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