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Is It Possible to Celebrate Communion too Often

Posted by Dana Tan on 3/16/2012 to General
  1. Is it possible to Celebrate Communion too Often?

    The first thing I found was a very old writing by a Greek Orthodox priest named Macarius Notaras from the 18th century. He advocated that Communion should be taken as frequently as possible. He stated "To receive Communion the usual two or three times a year is good and helpful, but to receive Communion more frequently is far better." He even went so far as to point out an irony in that we feed our bodies two or three times a day, why do we restrict feeding our souls to so few time a year? This surprised me a little because I expected a priest from such a strictly liturgical would give a far more rigid answer, but that wasn't the case.
  2. Are there differences in the frequency that congregations celebrate the Lord's Supper based on denomination?

  3. The next item I found was a discussion posted on Chuck Warnock's blog "Confessions of a Small Church Pastor" - that basically just asked the open question "Communion: How often is too often?" Again, what I read there surprised me. The readers, almost all from non-liturgical churches, posted some really interesting comments. For example, one reader posted "I’m usually not a traditionalist, and find that I lose meaning by doing something so often it becomes commonplace; this is probably a function of my age. But communion is one of those rare exceptions. The more I’ve come to celebrate it, the more meaningful it has become." As a lifelong Episcopalian, I find it really interesting that non-liturgical churches are showing so much interest in celebrating Communion more often than quarterly or once a month.

  4. Does the Bible say how often Christians should Celebrate Communion?

  5. Since I talk to so many Christians about their Communion supplies every day, from both liturgical and non-liturgical churches, I've seen and heard about many different approached. I've even talked to Christians who take Communion at home every day. My first instinct, because of my own background was "You can't to that!" But the more I reflect on it, and the more stories I hear, have made me realize that anywhere and anytime is right for Communion, as long as my heart and mind are ready to receive God's blessing. Check out what writer Jody Sullivan had to say to a reader who asked:

    "I grew up in a church where communion was something you only did at "church" (unless you were dying!) but what can you tell me about what the Bible says about being able to take communion at home with my family.

    Does the Bible say this is possible?"
  6. How often do you celebrate Communion? Do you think it's often enough? Do you think it's too often? Do you think it's possible that it loses it's "specialness" if it's done too often?

    Post a comment - I'd love to know what you think!


Date 7/6/2012 9:46:29 AM
By example in Acts 20:7 (the same meaning of "breaking of bread"), communion was celebrated "on the first day of the week". That day comes ones every week. Therefore the frequency is weekly. You can compare other part of the first day of the week celebration in I Corinthians 16:1. In the light of what has been so steadfastly and faithfully immediately after the beginning of the church in Acts 2;42.

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