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Is a Low Gluten Communion Wafer Really Okay for Celiacs?

Posted by Dana Tan on 3/8/2012 to General

Gluten Free Communion wafers vs. Low-Gluten Communion Wafers

Gluten free Communion wafers have quickly become our most popular product. In fact, we recently had one church order 27 packs for their congregation because they just like the way they taste. For celiacs, it's not a matter of taste but a matter of absolute necessity.
For Catholic celiacs, the choice is even more limited. Only one of the two types of alternative wafers is approved by the Catholic church, and it is not gluten free. In 2004 two nuns, Sisters Jane Heschmeyer and Lynn Marie D'Souza, of the Benedictine convent in Clyde, Missouri, developed a Communion wafer that has been approved as valid material for the Eucharist by the Holy See.
Unfortunately, any amount of gluten, no matter how small, can produce the same serious reactions in celiacs as any other product with gluten in it. Celiacs can experience a myraid of symptoms ranging from general fatigure to severe gastrointestinal problems and skin problems like dermatitis.

Gluten Free Communion Wafers are the only Hosts 100% safe for Celiacs

Only one company in the world creates 100% gluten free Communion hosts. Celebrate Communion is very fortunate to be the closest Communion supply company to the sole company making those wafers. We have a standing order with this company so you will always find these wafers fresh and in stock. Here is a list of the ingredients:
  • filtered waterGluten free Communion wafers
  • sweet rice flour
  • potato flour
  • organic palm fruit oil
  • potato starch
  • methylcellulose
  • sunflower lecithin
Perfect for anyone in your congregation with allergies to gluten, wheat, soy, and more. Shelf life is 1 year. Gluten free Communion wafers from Celebrate Communion are also Kosher.


Date 4/30/2015
Roger hampson
Are these wheat free communion wafer acceptable to the Catholic Church?
Date 3/6/2016
Lisa Rodriguez
Can you contact st Sylvester RC church in medford NY and ask them to please order GF hosts. I have passed on communion for several months due to my celiac disease. Thank you

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