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Meet and Greet -- On the Road with Communion Samples

Posted by Lori Ralls on 11/14/2012 to General

There’s such an energetic buzz when two thousand Christian musicians, singers and tech teams gather in one place. With a focus on worship, improving skills and inspiring talent, the Christian Musician Summit (CMS) was more than hands-on training and a place to hear some of our favorite artists in a worship concert. (David Crowder, Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown, Phil Keaggy, Lincoln Brewster…are you jealous yet?) The latest and greatest resources for churches filled the exhibit halls. I count it a privilege that Celebrate Communion was invited to share our innovative resources with this group from across the Northwest.

I contend that our gluten-free wafers are the best tasting Communion wafer out there, so it was quite fun to give out taste samples and then listen to reactions. Mostly, the deliciousness made for cravings of dip or hummus or salsa and lots of good-humored speculations on yummy uses. My point is that Communion can taste lovely and still have the health benefit of being gluten-free. If you didn’t know it was intended for meeting the needs of people with allergies, you would probably pick this specialty wafer out as your favorite, based on taste alone.

As church leaders have learned about the serious issues of gluten allergies there has been a growing response to provide an alternative option during Communion services. I am amazed and blessed by the kindness of ministries who are willing to make special accommodations to serve gluten-free Communion. I often meet people who long have suffered in silence or just did not participate in the Lord ’s Table at all for fear of the health repercussion.

Celebrate Communion recently added a larger, resealable container that is perfect for the many churches who are choosing to serve gluten-free wafers to their whole congregation. I applaud your efforts to include everyone and at the same time, avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

Prefilled Communion cups with wafers are a new concept to us on the west coast. The unique, portable juice and wafer combination is well received as the fresh and convenient solution that will transform your church’s Communion celebrations. But mostly, we think it is cute. That’s the reaction I get the most when people here see it for the first time. “Oh! That is so cute!” “Adorable!” Then they get to taste the amazing, fresh grape juice and are convinced this is something their church would really appreciate. No mess. Simple setup. Easy cleanup. The prefilled cup has lots of new fans.

This event marked the launch of our brand new package size of 50 prefilled cups. I thought it would be most relevant to small group Bible studies and visiting the homebound or hospitalized members of the congregation. Then I met soldiers and sailors who told me it is just the right size to take with them to have devotions and chapel while deployed. What an emotionally charged joy for me to know we can be a support to our nation’s heroes.

CMS is designed for the gear-head, techy, worship leading, artist types who love the Lord and love to grow in their abilities to serve God with excellence and passion. I am one of them. But my Communion supplies display didn’t always catch the eye of the guitar-carrying crowd. I think it was in fact very beautiful with a great reminder of the wonder and awe in meeting with Jesus. It can be a bit out of their comfort zone to taste test something that is set apart for worship so I gently reminded them to respond to His instruction to do this and “Remember Me.” But if I am ever going to set up my display there again I definitely want the cool strobe lights, fog machine and more button-pushing techno tools and toys we all came to see and drool over.

Thanks to all the wonderful friends I got to meet and hang out with. I pray the next time you celebrate Communion it is joyful, meaningful and delicious.


Date 3/10/2014
tamala chmiel
I really think this concept to communion is a wonderful one. The little dainty cups, and bread are wonderful. What a great ice breaker for getting people to talk about the Lord. I love it, and all my best goes out to you. Bless you on your wonderful journey.

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