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At Celebrate Communion, we are honored to be your source for all your Communion supply needs.

When you celebrate Communion with prefilled Communion cups your congregation will experience true joy in sharing at the Lord's Table without worrying about setup time and spills. Celebrate Communion’s sole purpose is to provide your church Communion supplies with superior freshness and quality. We offer a complete line of supplies: cups, Communion trays and specialty gluten free Communion wafers. We maintain the highest standards and are the only distributor of Prefilled Cups, Cavanagh Wafers and Gluten Free Communion options that stores all products in a temperature controlled environment.

Celebrate Communion launched in 2012 as an affiliate of CCI Solutions, who recently marked 40 years of serving houses of worship. Lori and Craig Ralls became the new owners in 2017. Lori has been the brand manager all along and together they continue the vision of providing innovative solutions, great resources, and excellence in customer service. We're here to help you serve your congregation a true Communion celebration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you planning to make any prefilled Communion cups with gluten free wafers in them? This would be a great option to add a few to each Communion tray in order for people with gluten allergies to participate in Communion and still use the "all in one" cup idea.

A. At this time, prefilled Communion with gluten free wafers are not yet available in the "all-in-one" cup style, but we are in research and development mode. GF wafers are too delicate to hold up to the rigors of manufacturing with the cup. We can put your name on our waiting list and look forward to sharing our news when this is ready in the future.

Meanwhile, our solution is the prefilled juice cup that can be served with gluten free wafers. It is made with stringent supervision to prevent any risk of cross-contact with any of the major food allergens.

Take a look at the Gluten Free Communion bundle: Prefilled Juice Cups PLUS Individually Wrapped Gluten Free Wafers - BOX OF 25, also available in 50 or 250 count. This small 2-piece set combination box with both elements is a great way to check out this method of serving a safe, gluten free Communion. The box of 25 individually wrapped gluten free wafers are sold separately as well to pair with the "juice only" cups of 100 and 500 quantity.

There are links to two articles in my blog that speaks to this important issue, found on the Gluten Free category page:

"2 Steps to Serving Gluten Free Communion"

"Serving Gluten Free Communion Wafers Safely, a Church Volunteer's Guide."

Many churches buy our gluten free wafers in 1.25" rounds, and bundle them creatively in a mini food safe zip lock bag (see item CCC-ZIPBAG) or our preprinted serving pouch (see item CCC-GFBAG) or use saran wrap or even a muslin draw-string bag.

Q. We have folks who have peanut and tree nut allergies in our congregation and cannot have anything that has been manufactured in a facility that even processes peanuts and tree nuts. Are your wafers or grape juice processed on machinery that is used to process items which have been exposed nuts and peanuts? Thank you.

A. I am happy to confirm the safety from allergens in ingredients used in our Communion elements, specifically peanut and tree nut.

The prefilled Communion cups with wafers are safe from any cross contact. The wafers are made in a bakery that only makes Communion bread wafers in their facility and the recipe is pure wheat flour, salt and water without additives. All items are packaged minutes after baking and throughout the entire process the wafers are untouched by human hands.

The juice cup production is done in a separate facility that only prepares grape juice. The final step is adding the wafers on top of the special cup after the concord grape juice is sealed and the oversealing clear film goes on top of the wafer. The “juice only” version of the cup (without wafers) offers the additional safety of being gluten free and coordinate well with any of our gluten free options for breads and wafers.

Here's the ingredient list from the box of prefilled Communion cups with wafers for your review:

  • 1/6 oz (5 ml) cups grape juice from concentrate, water, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate as preservatives. (All natural flavor and color from concord grapes.)
  • 1/6 g unleavened wafers made from bleached flour, water and trace salt

I know safety is a great concern and I am pleased that we can be a support to you.

Q. I placed an order for your gluten free hosts several days ago. Now I have a question I should have asked before I placed the order. Do your hosts meet the requirement of the Vatican to contain a very small amount of wheat?

A. Actually, the item you ordered (CCC-GFW130) is not the approved host for use in the Catholic Church. You need the item CCC-LGIND25 which is the "Low Gluten" Host made with a recipe containing wheat starch. These are individually wrapped and sealed for protection. You'll want to ask your Priest for instructions, as I believe the host should be unsealed at the time of Communion and I'm sure he will be helpful in the best way to accommodate your needs. Often people have their own pyx to assure the host doesn't get exposed to contact with the traditional wheat flour hosts.

Q. Hello, I have a son with several food allergies and I would like to know if your products would be safe for him to use. His allergens are tree nuts, peanuts, coconut, sesame, mustard, shellfish, fish, and egg. I know it's quite an extensive list. Thanks in advance for your help.

A. I'm glad you've checked in with us about your food safety concerns. The gluten free wafers from Celebrate Communion are safe for your son, product CCC-GFW130. The ingredients are Filtered Water, Sweet Rice Flour, Potato Flour, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Potato Starch, Methylcellulose, Sunflower Lecithin. These wafers are made on a dedicated gluten free equipment and do not have exposure to any items mentioned on your son's allergies' list. (This is true for gluten free individually wrapped Communion wafers CCC-GFWIND25, and the gluten free Communion bundles with juice CCC-GFCOM25IND, CCC-GFCOM50IND and CCC-GFCOM250. That wafer recipe is Gluten Free Flour Blend of Garbanzo Bean Flour, Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, Whole Grain Sweet White Sorghum Flour, Fava Bean Flour, Palm oil, Water.)

The prefilled juice cups without wafers are a good companion to those wafers are also safe (item ID CCC-COM-NW500 and NW100).

As far as that goes, since gluten was not mentioned on the list, the prefilled Communion cups with wafers only have a simple recipe of all purpose flour, salt and water in addition to the concord grape juice.

Q. Our congregation is considering switching to all gluten free communion wafers. Do you make gluten free presider's wafers?

A. Yes, we have a custom made “Celebrant’s Host” in a 3.5” diameter by Cavanagh, that is gluten free. This recipe also comes in individually wrapped portions for the congregation. Unleavened recipe is garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, whole grain sweet white sorghum flour, fava bean flour and palm oil.

For serving the entire congregation there are 2 options for open containers/bread plates. Item CCC-GFBREAD is the Gluten free Communion bread in 1/2 inch size squares that comes in a jar of 500 servings and is made from that same recipe as the Celebrant's Host. If you are planning to serve by intinction I would recommend Celebrate Communion’s gluten free wafers in 1.25" diameter, a larger wafer. Item CCC-GFW130 Recipe is filtered water, sweet rice flour, potato flour, organic palm fruit oil, potato starch, methylcellulose and sunflower lecithin.

Q. How long do the gluten free wafers stay fresh?

A. The gluten free wafers are marked with a "use by" date that is one year from date of manufacturing. This is not an expiry date, but rather a “peak of freshness” reference. It is posted because in today's culture we are so used to the concept of "shelf life". These waters really don't change in taste, crispness or texture. They can be frozen if you choose to do so. I personally put a segment in the freezer in a zip lock bag to run my own unscientific experiment. After 18 months of opening and closing the bag, the results were terrific, with quality and taste the same as day one.

Additionally the wafers within the jar come in sealed stacks and you'll open each of those as needed. With the added bag and recloseable lid on the storage jar, wafers stay very fresh. I hear positive feedback all the time.

Call 877-222-0771 and we can provide the freshness date stamp on our current stock for you.