Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafers Box of 50
Box of 50 Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafers. Easy as 1-2-3! 1) Serve; 2) open wafer; 3) open juice

Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafers Box of 50

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October 24, 2024

Perfect for Small Group Settings and Visitation, Make Your Communion Celebration Portable with Prepackaged Juice & Wafer Sets

Pre-filled Communion cups with wafers are a complete Communion celebration. Prepackaged Communion sets include a Communion wafer and 100% grape juice in a sanitary, all-in-one container. Packaged in quantities of 50 these portable Communion cups are great for special events, outdoor worship services, and home or hospital visitations.

Prefilled Communion cups with wafers are a new way to celebrate Communion that guarantees freshness and protects the health of your congregation. Now you'll be able to set up for Communion in minutes instead of hours and never have to worry about spills from over-filled cups or waste from unused portions again.

Now you can celebrate Communion even in remote locations

Youth groups can pack them in backpacks and celebrate Communion on retreats. Service men and women can even take these into remote locations, praising God around the world.

Travel Communion Case with Prefilled Cups
  • Easy to open
  • No waste
  • 100% recyclable plastic cups
  • Germ free
  • Easy setup & easy clean up
  • 100% grape juice - no added sugar
  • Unleavened wafer

Check out our convenient Travel Communion Case for Prefilled Cups


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