Prefilled Communion Cups - Mini Set of 4
Mini Set contains 4 "all in one cup" single portion servings of juice with wafer. Also available in concord juice only (no wafer) or in white grape juice with wafer.

Prefilled Communion Cups - Mini Set of 4

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CONCORD GRAPE JUICE WITH WAFER - *Out of stock until 1/24/22*
WHITE GRAPE JUICE WITH WAFER - *Out of stock until 1/31/22*

Choose your cup style: Mini set available with 4 or 12 cups!

Communion Cup Sets for Home and Hospital Visitations

Portable travel Communion sets make it easier than ever to minister to your sick or shut-in parishioners. You won't worry about having to handle tiny cups or spilling juice while trying to set up. Each attractively packaged Communion mini set comes in an easy open/close clear pillow box and includes 4 individual servings of prepacked grape juice with an unleavened wafer. Also available in white grape juice with wafer or Juice only cup of Concord grape juice without wafer. This mini set is the perfect replenishment for the zippered travel case.

Now you won't struggle with spills and time-consuming setup!

When you use Celebrate Communion's prefilled Communion cups with wafers you'll have more time to spend in fellowship and prayer!
  • Easy to open
  • No waste
  • 100% recyclable plastic cups
  • 100% sanitary
  • Easy setup – easy clean up
  • 100% grape juice
  • Unleavened wafer

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