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Customer Service Comments

"Thank you, Lori. I wanted you to know that your recent customer service when I found myself in a very difficult product delivery situation has won me over. I used to order my supplies elsewhere but am now ordering exclusively with Celebrate Communion. Customer service is of high importance to me and you and your company have won me over. Blessings to you and your team." Gratefully, Lisa

"Thank you so much! You and Celebrate Communion are truly caring and professional in every way!" -- Barbara

"I'm glad to be able to serve the Lord's Sacrament, and glad to have found your company that offers the items I need to do so." -- Blessings, Rev Mary Francis Drake

"Thank you again for your help and sweet customer service!" -- Kate

"The customer service at your business is outstanding. Thank you very much for getting the glitch worked out for us. Thank you for your ministry!" -- Gabriella

"Great service - fast & friendly!" -- Judy

"Thank you for all your kind words. I was really happy of your excellent customer service. I am sure that you're a devoted worker and this aptitude can always bring and set strong relationship with your company's partners or customers. May God protect you." -- Mathieu

"Wow you are awesome. You are also correct. It arrived in perfect condition. You guys packed it great and it arrived fast. Thanks for all the home work and the above and beyond checking you did. I will keep you in mind for all orders, I am very happy with this order, the customer service is top notch!" -- Geoffrey

"The experience with Celebrate Communion has been wonderful and second to none. their service is of excellence and I will be sure to order again. They are a blessing from God." -- Naila

"Wow! Awesome!! I am impressed by your warm PR, personal touch and prompt action. Thanks for the heads up too. Know that you have a client here in California until Jesus comes ;-) Keep up the good and excellent service. God bless you my beloved sister." -- Pastor Janie ("I will also introduce our other satellite churches to you.")

"Thank you for all you do on our behalf, and for the wonderful Communion products. Our congregation has only good things to say about the quality of the product and the taste. I am blessed to have located Celebrate Communion and will continue to order our Communion from you. Continued blessings to you and the team." --Robin

"Thank you for your excellence!!!!" --Cristi

"Have loved the personal service!"-- 2buy4snc

"I have been ordering prefilled communion cups for about a year now and from the very beginning the customer service has been excellent. The online ordering system is great and very precise. There is not a problem in changes I needed in ordering and courtesy and respect is what I receive each time I interact with the Reps."--Thank you, Katt

"Ordering with your company is hassle free, Thank you."

"Just wanted to thank you for your Godly customer service. So often we miss the opportunity to bless others but I just wanted to say to you that this was not the case. My prayer for you and the company is that each and every one of you find favor with God, and His continual blessing be with you. Thank you for letting God use you. Amen." -- Nancy

"Thank you so much Lori - that's what I call customer service! Or as they would say in the old days, Service with a smile." -- Darla

"Everything arrived in good order today. Smiling on this side of the country :-) Thanks for your great customer service. It's refreshing." --Blessings, Jeff

"Thanks so much for reaching out. This speaks volumes to me. I pray that the Lord will continue to grow your business. It is people like you that make people like me proud to be Christians. God bless you and I will be in touch." -- Blessings, Tashara

"Thank you for your service I really appreciated your kindness and sincerity. I received the shipment on Monday and I am greatly pleased with the purchase. May God continue to bless you as you continue to work in his vineyard. Blessings for a great day." -- Sincerely, Patricia

"I just wanted you to know that we got the shipment, and to thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your efficient service, and we really appreciate the quality of the Communion wafers that your company provides. Thanks again, Lori, and have a wonderful week! --Rebecca

Thanks! Your personalized service and attention is refreshing!" --Blessings, Robin

"Thank you so much, I'm so pleased with your response to the problem that I regret saying I probably wouldn't order from your company again. I assure you that I will continue to purchase your products in the future. God bless you and your company." --David

"Outstanding Customer Service. On behalf of our church and myself, I write to express my sincere gratitude to you for your hassle free, courteous, timely and friendly customer service. I would highly recommend your company to others." Sincerely, Mrs. Turner

"Thanks for your professionalism and willingness to be of service." -- Marilyn

"Thank you so much. You were very pleasant and helpful to work with." -- Michael

"The shipment arrived yesterday! Thank you. We're hoping for a long association."-- Rebecca

"Thank you very much. I am grateful for all the service that you provided. I am seeking for more business in the future, again thank you, and God bless." -- Sincerely, Gus

"Thanks so much for going above & beyond. God bless you, too!!" --Leigh

"Thank you very much, I am greatly satisfied for this first experience with you. May God bless you more!!!"--Willy

"Thank you Lori ~ as you can see I have chosen your company to be my source and have been delighted with the service, timely delivery, and would be happy to speak with you about saving money!!!" (autoship program) -- MC

"Your services are excellent! We received our Communion supplies and were very happy with them." -- Marie

"And why wouldn't we turn to you for our needs when you are such a helpful, encouraging and uplifting person? You are a beautiful representative for Celebrate Communion. How lucky for me to have found you so quickly upon my new start here at the church! Thank you so much, Lori, for the prompt service." -- In God's Love, Marilyn

"Lori, Thank you for the great customer service! Thank you also for the encouraging words, I receive them wholeheartedly! We look forward to doing business with you. God bless you!" -- Kathy

"Thanks so much for accommodating me. I will use your company and definitely recommend it to others." -- Connie

"Thank you so much for your prompt attention and response to our orders." -- H. W.

"Thanks so much, we appreciate your fast turn around, it is a pleasure working with Celebrate Communion. Have a blessed day."-- Marjorie

"Celebrate Communion has been a highly reliable supplier for us over the past year. Thank you for all your help and kind blessings! I wish you and yours a joyous time of celebration." --Marla

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Customer Feedback on Gluten Free Wafers

"It was very exciting to find prepackaged Celiac safe Communion. You guys were the only place that had BOTH the juice and the cracker that were Celiac safe. Reading the phrase "Celiac safe" was what did it for me. Your prices might be higher than other gf wafers on Amazon, but it's more important to me to be assured that I won't get sick than to save money." -- Rebeccah A

"We're happy with your wafers. We ordered our first batch from someone else and they all crumbled to pieces. Yours stay whole. Thanks again."
--Blessings, Nancy

"Thank you for your kind attention. We received the gluten-free wafers and were proud to offer it this past Sunday. One of our members has been having to abstain from the Sacrament and God only knows how many guests have done the same. We are pleased with your product and your service and will be ordering more when we need to!" --Grace and peace, Ryan

"I received the wafers on Friday as planned, thanks to your team with the expedited shipping. I like the natural look to the wafers, they're not stamped out like the white wafers; and they taste great! My husband and I think they taste like an unsalted chip! Hummus anyone? I truly enjoyed getting acquainted with you on the phone and like how you stated that you will "partner" with our ministry and your personal assistance means a lot to me. Thank you! I will get in touch with you next week." -- His blessings, Amy

"Thanks to you, Lori, for following up with our small order. The Gluten-free wafers arrived in fine condition, just as you thought they would. I look forward to using your company again. Blessings to you, too." -- Sincerely, Debbie

"Got to use the gluten free wafers for the first time at church. They are very tasty; as one reviewer said much better tasting than traditional wafers. One of our GF ladies said your wafers tasted like a potato chip. They also shipped very nicely in the large container as few were broken. The container also fits nicely into a tote bag to bring to church. Very happy with our order." --Debbie

"I love the plastic containers the gluten-free wafers come in! As a mobile church, we had such a hard time with them breaking, so these containers will be great!" -- online shopper

"It is a delight to find Gluten Free Communion hosts, so I can fully receive the Body of Christ with my fellow parishioners, not fearing my Celiac disease symptoms will appear!! Thanks for making these hosts!!" -- online shopper

"Love that you have Gluten Free Communion wafers! I just bought some for my church to use." -- Anonymous

"Thanks for providing a gluten-free alternative!" -- Secretary

"We have always been satisfied with the gluten-free host wafers you have supplied to our church."-- Anon

"Being gluten free is hard enough. It would be even worse if I couldn't take Communion. I appreciate the fact that you offer wafers that are gluten free. Thank you so much!" --Online Shopper

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Customer Feedback on Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafers

"This is an awesome idea for a product. It will be used for the shut ins and for door to door Communion. Just like it was in the New Testament...Awesome." -- Katherine

"I received my order and am pleased as punch. The last company I ordered from sent me 100 but a third of them were damaged and leaking. Your product is great and in perfect condition. I appreciate your product, your service and staying in touch with me. I will be placing my future orders with you. Thanks again!" -- Very satisfied customer, Debbie

"As a new church plant that meets in a University, we are really excited to have an easy way to share in Communion together!" --Blessings, Angeline

(Customer with life threatening peanut, nut and shellfish allergies replied after confirming that Celebrate Communion's wafers and juice are processed on dedicated equipment) "Your product is an answer to prayer. Our new church served this yesterday but we refrained to be sure. Our two teen boys are now able to participate. Thank you for your innovative and safe product." -- Jan

"Thank you so much! The shipping was extremely fast!!! The reason that I ordered this is for my husband to try for his personal use while he is deployed. I greatly appreciate your help and this perfect idea!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am that he will be able to partake of and share Communion while on deployment. God bless!" -- Paige

"We used the prefilled cups at our discipleship bible study class the other week. I thought the 3 pack would make a great gift for friends, shut ins or just to have for any on the spot needs. I also liked the options of buying in different size bulk orders. I thank you for your products and will pass the word of the web site to others. It's great to have such a wonderful & mighty GOD who loves us so much." -- Rick

"Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate your willingness to work out the shipping issues so we could meet our deadline. Everything worked out well and came just in time for our services. Again THANK YOU! It was a pleasure to work with you." -- Daniel

"Thank you for the support and encouragement. I am the Sr. Chaplain for our Facility. I hold communion service Easter and Christmas and maybe a smaller service once or twice in between. The all in one cups are perfect for what I need." -- Chaplain Steph

"So easy and convenient, great time saver." -- Anon

"I ordered a case of the prefilled communion cups with wafers for a conference and they greatly simplified the preparation and serving. Thanks for this innovative item. I am wondering if you have any plans to offer the prefilled cups with white grape juice. The church our meeting was held in uses white juice to minimize damage from spills." -- Dave

"It's hygienic, prevents waste of unused Communion, saves time (as bread and wine are served together), saves storage space, as we don't need too many equipment or tools." -- Online shopper

"I have purchased this brand for some time now and it is a good product." - Anonymous

"I've found this to be a quality company." - happy shopper

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Customer Feedback on Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafers - 50 Quantity

"I've been looking for some time and FINALLY I found pre-filled communion cups in quantities of less than 100. I have a small nursing home ministry with maybe 15 coming for communion quarterly, and I just can't use 100 cups in the 6-month expiration time. THANK YOU!" -- Chaplain

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Customer Feedback on Prefilled Communion Cups with Wafers Samples

"I was talking about your site with an acquaintance the other day and I was telling him about your products. I ended up giving away my sample I received I got too excited. May I receive another?" -- Thomas

"Appreciated that we could try them before ordering. We've ordered a batch for an upcoming conference and are looking forward to be able to send our people out of the conference on a prayer walk that ends in personal communion. A great product!" -- Thanks, Andrea

"Thank you for sending us the samples and for your communication; our church loved it! I think the timing was a 'God-thing'. Will be in touch for future orders. God bless!" -- Amy

"I am a Trustee at my church and I would like to share this product as a way of serving our Communion more efficiently...." - Trustee

I appreciate the offer of the sample pack to make sure this will work for my patients before purchasing a large order." -- Pastor Josh

"It is very thoughtful for this company to provide a free sample of their product... it allows us to use our very limited budget in the most prudent manner." -- web

"I would like to thank you for sending this sample. We decided to order and used the sets today. We are pleased." -- online shopper

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Customer Feedback about Website

"I like this website and it's easy to locate what you are looking for! THANKS!!!" -- Anonymous

"I liked the website actually. Wasn't too 'busy' like other sites. Found it rather user-friendly. Nice job on the site. Good webmaster!" - online shopper

"I loved the idea of thinking outside of the box! It was a great experience. From the logo design of the company, which is what attracted me to the company, to the product to customer service - a great experience!" -- online shopper

"It was easy to find Celebrate Communion and they offered exactly what I needed in a variety of quantities when other companies were sold out of similar products. I'm very pleased with this shopping experience." -- Altar Guild

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Customer Feedback on Communion Ware

"AWESOME. Our purchase is going to our Bulgarian mission congregation. This small, humble congregation has only been using a regular tray for their cups, thus having to deal with glasses spilling all over the place. Our missionary pastor requested help in finding some cup trays, used would have been just fine, but when I researched your products and found the prices to be very reasonable, I thought this is something that is attainable to do. So, thank you!", -- Blessings, Joyce

"Thank you for taking your time for me. I will refer anyone who is interested to have these plates and covers. May God protect you." -- Mathieu

"We received our order on Saturday and put our new plates into service with Sunday morning's Communion celebration. The plates are a beautiful addition to our Communion table." -- Thank you, Kathy